About TPV

TransPacific Venture Partners (TPV)

TPV is an Asia-based venture capital that actively assesses and invests in early stage medical technology ventures. Our partners have years of experience in the fields of medicine, engineering, venture investing and founding start-ups.

We proactively identify unmet needs and fund new companies which develop new products that can really make a difference for healthcare. By offering our diverse expertise and relationships, we help our portfolio companies develop and reach inflection points of value to the industry.

Our venture capital may invest between $500K and $3 million in early stage and keep adequate reserves to support subsequent financings.

Goal & Strategy

TPV is uniquely positioned to dig out medtech innovations in Asia and to facilitate our startup ventures to achieve success. We bring a global perspective and insight to local entrepreneurs, and help them grow their ventures to benefit patients worldwide. Furthermore, TPV has firm relationships  with our strategic partners in Asia, which enable us to provide an international blend of clinical, technical and strategic expertise, and bring innovations to rapidly growing Asian markets.